Bronze Package

We design the entire web site and attractive graphics but you must provide the information as well as the pictures (if any).

Your website will be in the search engines, for example GOOGLE, YAHOO, BING standard.

$1,000 one time

$10 a month web maintenance

Silver Package

Everything in Bronze Plus:

Pages that have visual mobility, animation, and sound.

$2,000 one time

$20 a month web maintenance

Gold Package

Everything in Silver Plus:

If you need a database, for example you want to sell merchandise on the web or keep a running track record of product information.

If you want users to be able to login to your website.

$3,000 one time

$30 a month web maintenance

Where Design and Functionality Co-Exist

Web Maintenance

You can call during business hours (9am to 5pm) monday-friday or email us at anytime to have something on your page changed or updated (Limited amount of changes allocated each month). With no maintenance anything changed or added will be $30.

Fixing A Pre Existing Site

You already have a website and want us to work on, fix or alter it. These prices start at $300 (may vary).


Update your entire web site $300.

Page Starter

We'll start your page by designing it one time afterwards we'll give you the passwords and all the login information then the page is your total responsibility; But you must keep the trademark logo on the bottom of the page. $600.


These unique designs start at $60 it will express you in a small but assuring artistic piece which you will be known for by all.


These creations start at $40 promoting your company, your event, or just you.